Шей Митчелл отдыхает на нудистском пляже на Миконосе

Сорри, но плавки у купальника настолько жуткие, что нудистский пляж — единственный верный выбор.

Тут же хочется заметить огромную разницу между вульгарными голыми селфи  Эмили Ратаковски, которые она неумело маскирует под псевдо-феминизмом, и Шей, которая реально просто отдыхает на свободе, не стараясь при этом выглядеть секс-бомбой.

Stripping off! Shay Mitchell was certainly full of confidence as she hit a nudist beach during her sun-soaked getaway to Mykonos on Monday

Showing some skin: The 30-year-old actress of Pretty Little Liars fame embraced the very relaxed dress code by going topless as she enjoyed time with her pals

Looking great: While she started the day in a tiny orange bandeau bikini top and mismatched green bottoms, Shay soon stripped off her top to frolic in the sea

 Barely-there bikini bottoms: Showing off her trim body, Shay looked in great spirits as she splashed around with a friend in the waves

Hitting the waves: Shay and her pal were in a rush to get to the waves as they sprinted down the beach 

Beauty: Shay accessorised her barely-there beach look with statement shades 

Keeping in shape: 'You have to do what you like so it doesn’t feel like working out. I like to do boxing and dance, things where you are having fun and burning calories,' she's said

Heading off: Shay slipped on a cute striped crop top and made sure her bottoms were secure before leaving the beach