Селена Гомес замечена в Нью-Йорке

Если вы задумались, почему вдруг Селены Гомес стало так неожиданно много, то вот вам ответ. В марте у певицы, сменившей амплуа на телепродюсера, выходит подростковый сериал о самоубийстве «13 Reasons Why». Сама Селена в нем не играет, а остается за кадром, зато привлекает внимание к своему детищу всеми доступными способами — с помощью собственных соц сетей, появлений на ток-шоу и прогулками перед папарацци.

Publicity rounds: Selena Gomez was the picture of New York glamour when she emerged from a Netflix presser in the city on Wednesday

When you got it: The 24-year-old's slinky black and white dress featured a gap beneath the neckline that offered a generous view of her cleavage

Busily patterned: Black and white checks lined up diagonally across the sleeveless dress, which had a layer of frill curving up about her waistline

Beauty in black and white: Tightening about her enviably trim torso, the outfit also had holes cut out at its middle, showcasing the Spring Breakers star's flat midriff

Emphasis: Its asymmetrical hem allowed her to show off a bit of her chiseled legs, and she heightened the look of them with black stilettos

Reason for the outing: Gomez was with Netflix to promote 13 Reasons Why, a 13-episode show that will premiere on the website on March 31

Source material: Based on the 2007 young adult book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, the show counts the pop star among its executive producers

Tragic plotline: The story concerns a high school student who commits suicide and leaves tapes explaining her motives to a classmate

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