Кети Перри и Орландо Блум отмечают Хеллоуин

Быть просто гостьей на чужом празднике жизни — не для Кети перри. Певица провела собственную Хелоуин-вечеринку в стиле high school 50-тых годов. Помимо самой Кети в образе училки и Орландо Блума — физрука, на тусовке были замечены Кейт Хадсон, Нина Добрев, Джессика Альба, Кара Делевинь и Суки Уотерхаус (интересно, Тейлор Свифт не воспримет это как предательство?). Гости устраивали конкурсы на поедание пирогов, играли в баскетбол и твистер, танцевали на школьном бале и фотографировались на фоне парт.

In charge: Katy Perry threw a massive Halloween party on Saturday night

Getting prepped: Katy shared an Instagram snap before the event, as a friend helped with her make-up. She captioned it: ''Thanks @COVERGIRL for keeping everyone clean-cut and QT at Hudson High, Home of the Poodles. Principal Hudson'

The cast: The singer was the principal with Kate Hudson, far right, as a wild girl smoking a cigarette

Her lover: Her beau Orlando Bloom was dressed as a jock in a red jacket with a B on it and a whistle around his neck

Nice shorts! The Lord Of The Rings actor had on a pair of short shorts and held a basketball

Cheerful: Also at the event were Cheerleaders with an H on their tops maybe for Hudson as Katy's real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

Goofy stuff: The guests also played a giant game of Twister on the floor

Prima ballerina: On Saturday night model Suki Waterhouse  attended Katy Perry's high school themed Halloween party in Los Angeles at Hollywood Legion

Going all in: The London-born stunner hiked the tutu up past her belly button, creating a deliberately geeky and awkward look

Суки Уотерхаус

From pool to party: Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev and Art Department star Lane Cheek dressed as 2016 Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen

Нина Добрев и Лейк Чик

Obvs: Just in case there was any ambiguity about her look, Nina carried a faux beer can that said RYAN LOCHTE


Fancy dress? It was unclear if Juno star Ellen Page was wearing a costume, but she more than met the high school brief in a pair of slouchy corduroy trousers and a stripy t-shirt alongside girlfriend Samantha Thomas

Эллен Пейдж

Model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne, 24, arrived later in the evening and turned heads in a chic pantsuit that gave her an androgynous look 

Statuesque: She paired the loose-fitting, pinstripe suit with a pair of flats that had a rather thick sole, perhaps adding one inch to her slender frame Chatty: Cara couldn't stop talking as she moved from parking lot to party

Кара Делевинь

Where the burgers at? Jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, who recently separated from her long-time husband Tobey Maguire, traded in the drama of her relationship for frivolity and some good old fashioned hamburgers and fries Having a laugh: She seemed to relish catching up with old friends

Дженнифер Мейер (с которой разводится Тоби Магуайр)

On-trend: Her pink bomber jacket was made of the finest silk and included an embroidered rose on its back, perhaps nodding to her blossoming relationship with her producer husband Cash Warren, who accompanied her to the party

Джессика Альба

Let's do this! Kate Hudson - who threw her own massive Halloween blowout the night before - turned up to support her bestie Katy

Fashionista: The Almost Famous actress was dressed for the playful occasion, wearing an eye-popping ensemble consisting of a black bedazzled jacket, worn off the shoulder, a black crop top and a billowing yellow and black skirt

Кейт Хадсон