Кендалл Дженнер тусит на Миконосе

Еще в субботу Кендалл Дженнер была замечена в Лондоне, а уже в воскресенье — вовсю тусила на Миконосе в лучших традициях главной любительницы этого курорта — Линдси Лохан. Белла тоже там была.

Model behaviour: Kendall Jenner was spotted running into the sea at a Mykonos beach party on Sunday, fully-clothed and clutching champagne

You're going to get it now: The braless brunette was dunked up the water by a model pal

Capturing it all: While Bella Hadid stayed dry, she captured the whole thing on camera

Still drinking: She clutched tightly to her drink Heading in: Kendall was pictured on Nammos Beach

Dancing hard: She lifted her dress as she treaded water and danced on the shoreline

Watch my dress: But one cheeky friend headed straight for her with the intention of pushing her under

You'll live to regret it! Kendall was pushed into the water in all her clothes

Embrace it! She was then splashed in the water by fellow party goers

Cheeky monkey: Another of the models seemed intent on dunking Kendall

Joker: The gal pal got extremely close and personal with the model

Carrying on the party: A wet Kendall headed for the sand in search of a towel

Scooped up: Instead, she found the arms of a hunky partygoer, who seemed to be with the group

You spin me round: He scooped her up and span her around, despite being dripping wet