{Канны 2016} Кристен Стюарт на фотоколле «Personal Shopper»

И еще один фильм Кристен Стюарт на Каннском Кинофестивале — «Personal Shopper». Правда, этот зрителям совершенно не понравился. Но, чем меньше нас ценят, тем больше мы стараемся. Вот и Кристен демонстрировала и хорошее настроение, и весь спектр эмоций, и всю длину ног во время дневного фотоколла.

Leggy display: Her legs were given a boost in silver heels Here she comes: She was in a kooky mood

All of the glamour: It was a polished appearance for the actress, who typically favours a more unkempt, tomboy image

Working it: Kristen seemed like a new woman Styling it out: She seemed like she knew what she was doing Bring it on: Kristen was in her element

Strut: Her hemline was skimmed over on the thigh Shimmering: She matched her silver shoes to her metallic streak

Waiting around: The day commanded plenty of waiting Poser: It was a rare smile from the actress

Here I am: Kristen was poised at all moments for the perfect glamour girl shot

Hanging out: Nora Von Waldstatten, from left, director Olivier Assayas, Kristen, Sigrid Bouaziz and Lars Eidinger were patient with the photocall