Выступление Леди Гаги на Super Bowl

Главное спортивное событие Америки — чемпионат американского футбола Super Bowl — смотрит вся нация, но не все ради самой игры. Главное в Кубке — Half Time Show, музыкальное выступление суперзвезды. И приглашают там выступать исключительно суперзвезд — удержать внимание и мужчин, и женщин, и на стадионе, и дома способен далеко не каждый музыкант. Для звезд это огромная честь и небывалое карьерное достижение. В этом году выступала Леди Гага. Небольшой спойлер — она не подкачала. Полное 13-минутное выступление смотрите на YouTube,и смотрите обязательно.

Fierce: Lady Gaga's Super Bowl half time show began with a rendition of This is Your Land and transformed into a barnstorming rendition of her greatest hits 

Music speaks for itself: Her hit "Born This Way" became a gay rights anthem but in the context of Sunday's show fit into the idea of accepting differences, a thread through much of the game's commercial messaging

Hell of a halftime show! Lady Gaga sang America The Beautiful from atop the stadium in Houston at the star of her Super Bowl 51 performance

Flying through the air! the artist, 30, dangled high above the stadium crowd 


Proud moment: Gaga - real name Stefani Germanotta - slowed the pace down with a rendition of million reasons accompanying herself on the piano, pausing briefly to give a shoutout to her mom and dad 

Inferno: With just 13 minutes at her disposal, Gaga could not pull off many changes of costume and utilized pyrotechnics throughout her performance 

Setting the stage on fire: Lady Gaga performs during the halftime show of Super Bowl

Podium: She was backed up by an upbeat, ethnically diverse cast of dancers, who at one point joined in a group hug

Here us now: Once onstage, she commanded a large troupe of dancers and musicians, props that breathed fire and audience members swinging lights in synchronization

Acrobatic: Lady Gaga is helped by one of her backup dancers during her energetic half time show at the Super Bowl on Sunday 

A million reasons: Gaga  shouted out to her parents as she sang her recent ballad 'Million Reasons' and played the piano

Expressing herself: The New York City born singer brought the house down with her sensational performance on Sunday night 

The Super Bowl halftime show, with an audience usually topping 100 million, is easily the biggest show of an artist's career

Lady Gaga performs during the halftime show of the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game against the Atlanta Falcons

And everyone move right... :  Lady Gaga and her troupe of backup dancers shimmy across the stage at the Super Bowl half time show

Flexible: Lady Gaga's show was months in the planning and the singer had kept social media up to date on her progress over the past few weeks

Game face: She even changed her makeup, using peel-off crystals to alter her look to match her choice of song

Queen gaga: She sang her heart put as she was carried on the shoulders of some of her male back-up dancers

The end: She then caught a shiny football as she jumped off the scaffolding

Lady Gaga dropped from the top of Houston's NRG Stadium to open her halftime show and dropped the mic at the end, offering a program that delivered high-energy hits and an inclusive theme