Белла Хадид и ее три наряда на вечере amfAR

Из всех голых нарядов вечера amfAR, наряд Беллы Хадид был самым голым. И таким тонким — почти нереальным. Пальма первенства (или что там раздают в Каннах) однозначно принадлежит Белле.

Woah there! She once again ensured she commanded full attention in the sizzling gown 

Cheeky! The stunning star oozed body confidence while sashaying along the red carpet 

Feathered fancy: Bella was glowing as she paraded along the red carpet into the bash 

 Posing up a storm: The silver sensation was a delight for the eyes 

Laughing it off: Bella laughed off the hate as she sashayed along the red carpet 

Для показа Белла сменила наряд. Но не трусы.

Flashing her stuff: Doing her very best, Bella pulled apart her gown while showing off her endless legs and also her lingerie

Sexy stuff: The glowing model was a vision as she swept onto the stage 


Woo! She certainly seemed to let her hair down within the bash as she wooped and cheered while guzzling champagne with her fellow model pals

А так как в абсолютно прозрачном платье невозможно веселиться, следом пошел еще один наряд: