Белла Хадид замечена в Париже

В пятницу в Париже прошел совмещенный показ мужской линии и кутюрной Дома Givenchy. Естественно, без фавориток дизайнеров Беллы Хадид и Кендалл Дженнер не обошлось. Все хотят себе часть паблисити, которую они приносят с собой в качестве дополнительной услуги, так что давайте просто примем этот факт как данность. Ну а в воскресенье Белла была замечена во время посещения Лувра, и зима ей ни по чем.

Legs for days! Bella Hadid strutted through the streets of Paris on Sunday as she showed off her long legs in a tight mini skirt

Chic: The 20-year-old model opted for a cropped black sweater, tight mini skirt and grey-blue leather ankle boots

Reflective: The younger sister of Gigi Hadid also stopped by the iconic Louvre

Mysterious: The brunette beauty was later spotted walking alongside an older man who dressed in a white jacket, jeans and sneakers 

Holding on: The two appeared to be good friends as Bella held onto his arm as they walked on the streetsSolo: The pretty model flew to Paris with BFF Kendall Jenner, 21, but she was nowhere to be seen during Bella's outing

Support: Bella has needed her friends around her since it emerged her 26-year-old ex moved on to Selena, 24, two months after they broke up.